The X-Files: I Do Believe…Kind Of

My only experience prior to today regarding the X-Files, was watching the movie that came out in 2008 starring Billy Connelly. Considering how little I remember about it, I can’t claim it to be incredible. Yesterday, a new mini-series of The X-Files premiered on Fox. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of alien-related TV shows but boredom kicked in and I needed something to watch. I can now say with some certainty that I’ll be watching the rest of this series as it airs. If you haven’t watched the first episode and plan to, be warned that this post will be ridden with spoilers. It may be worth mentioning straight off that I do not believe in aliens. That is to say, I don’t believe that intelligent life has travelled to Earth in order to vandalise crop circles and anally examine unintelligent rednecks. I think it is completely possible that there may be life out there somewhere, I mean it would be crazy if there wasn’t given the sheer size of the observable universe. Anyway, now that that is out the way, it’s time to grab your tinfoil hat! We’re going for a ride!

As I already mentioned, I haven’t really watched The X-Files before but this new series essentially opens with the idea that the entire X-Files division of the FBI (where the two main characters: Mulder and Scully used to work) was its own conspiracy. As the episode unfolds, characters begin to explain that supposed alien abductions where actually orchestrated by the government in an attempt to keep tests and plans a secret. This is a rough summary of Mulder’s explanation of the grand conspiracy:

After Germany had been defeated, the hydrogen bomb posed a new threat to human life on Earth. This threat of extinction caused advanced alien species’ to become concerned for our survival and as a result, the skies of the US became home to regular UFO sightings. In an attempt to save our lives (while risking their own), crashes such as that at Roswell led to secret government divisions being created to allow both technological and biochemical studies to be carried out on the crashed ships/aliens. Classified studies were carried out at secret government bases which involved extracting alien tissue and experimenting with it on unwilling test subjects in an attempt to create alien-human hybrids. This was done by staging elaborate alien abductions on innocent civilians using the remnants of the crashed spaceships or in some cases they would use ships built on Earth based on the designs of crashed ships. Some experiments involved the forced implanting of alien embryos into women. When asked why their own government would do such a thing, Mulder replies “our own government lies as a matter of course, a matter of policy”, before giving some examples such as the Tuskegee experiments and Henrietta Lacks.

This is where Joel McHale’s character Tad O’Malley steps in, explaining that the overall goal is to conquer America before setting their sights on the whole world, by any means necessary. No matter how violent or cruel or efficient. He then gives an example of them using droughts as a tool, brought on by using secret, aerial contaminants and “high altitude electromagnetic waves”. He then goes on to explain that wars have been fuelled to keep them continuously going. He mentions that this is done to create problem, reaction, solution scenarios in an attempt to distract, enrage and overall enslave American citizens by using tools such as the Patriot Act and the National Defence Authorization Act. These acts allows areas of the constitution to be overlooked all in the name of “national security” such as the militarization of police forces in cities all across the US and the building of prison camps by the Federal Emergency Management Agency without any stated purpose. The manipulation of the food and pharmaceutical industries in an attempt to fatten, dull and control a populous already consumed by consumerism (they then throw in Bush saying “I encourage you all to go shopping more”). O’Malley then goes on to mention some of the more recent developments, mentioning the government tapping phones and collecting data/information, monitoring our whereabouts; a government ready to use this data against you. Of course this whole conspiracy would not be complete without mentioning the “well-oiled and well-armed, multinational group of elites” who are behind the whole thing.

This is where my interest in this show pretty much peaked: aliens are one thing but dodgy government cover-ups of human activities? That I can believe. When the episode first begins, we see O’Malley hosting his show, mentioning that 9/11 was a false flag operation. I’ll avoid getting into the whole “truther” debate right now because that just becomes exhausting. I will however point out that for those who think that the US government wouldn’t do that to its own people, guess again. Ever heard of Operation Northwood? Well without going into too much detail, Operation Northwood was a proposed false flag operation that would have involved areas such as the CIA committing acts of terrorism against the people of the US. Ultimately the proposal was shot down (much like the planes would have been had the proposal been accepted) by the Kennedy administration: Kennedy, who was assassinated the year after this proposal was put forward. The purpose of Operation Northwood was to create a public hatred towards Cuba, enough to justify going to war with Cuba without going against the wishes of the public. One proposed method was sending US soldiers dressed as Cuban soldiers to Guantanamo Bay and have them attack other US soldiers who were defending the area. Moving on…

Of course other areas within the X-Files conspiracy shine through as being unfortunately accurate: If the war in Vietnam didn’t highlight how warfare has become never-ending, then the war in Iraq certainly has. On the lead up to the Vietnam War, a major escalator known as The Gulf of Tonkin incident took place. This involved two separate engagements of North Vietnam ships and those belonging to the US. These events took place on the 2nd and 4th of August 1964. Since then, it has come to light that the “incident” that took place on the 4th was falsified. The outcome was the passage of the ‘Gulf of Tonkin Resolution’ by Congress, which allowed President Johnson to assist any Southeast Asian country who appeared to be under threat from communists. An NSA historian has since been quoted as saying “The parallels between the faulty intelligence on Tonkin Gulf and the manipulated intelligence used to justify the Iraq War make it all the more worthwhile to re-examine the events of August 1964.” When you look at Vietnam, soldiers couldn’t attack certain targets without express permission from higher ups which has often been used as an example of how the war was dragged out. I mean anyone with common sense knows that as long as war is profitable, there are going to be people happy they take place. I mean the people selling these weapons aren’t fighting with them; even their families won’t be involved. Instead they’ll be living off the interest that their billions or trillions of banked money creates for them. The Bush family sells weapons and we all know how the infamous George W turned up late for the war. Fun Fact (or not so fun): The US (or at least citizens within the US) copying a system developed by the Rothschild’s, bypassed the terms of Versailles Convention in order to build an oil refinery that would ultimately supply Goring’s division of the Luftwaff.

Another horrific example, this one mentioned by Mulder, is the Tuskegee experiments. Here, a large study spanning 40 years saw 600 African-American men being monitored in exchange for free health care and meals for participating in the study. Of the original 600, 399 had previously contracted syphilis. Despite the lure of free health care, none of the men were treated for syphilis. Of the original 399 men, 28 died from the illness, 100 died from syphilis-related complications. Not to mention that 40 of their wives had been infected with it, this led to at least 19 children being born with congenital syphilis. While this is a true example of something mentioned during the X-Files conspiracy rant, it was implied to have alien objectives which is of course fictitious (or is it?)(It is). It doesn’t for a second remove how unethical and disturbing this experiment was. Sometimes doing thing in the name of science requires leaving your humanity and morality at the door with your coat and shoes.

I’m sure I don’t need to delve into discussing the manipulation of the food and pharmaceutical industries in the US. As someone viewing it from the outside, I can’t help but compare the prescription system in the US to a giant cage full of mice in a science lab with the white-coated experimenters simply dropping assortments of pills into the food bowls and recording the results that follow. Of course this problem is slowly developing in other Western countries as well. GlaxoSmithKline would be one of my biggest examples: they were taken to court fairly recently for bribing GPs to prescribe their drug. To whom, you may be wondering. Well, not only was it wrongly prescribed to adults (it was an anti-depressant I believe) but it was also prescribed to children under the age of 18. Apparently the GPs were offered fishing trips and holidays in exchange for this hugely immoral act. It seems that any and every slightly abnormal behaviour requires some sort of mind-numbing combination of drugs in order to treat it. Where being easily distracted or too energetic was once brushed off as kids being kids, you will now see the ADHD diagnosis being flung around like…well…prescription drugs in America. Of course only the boring drugs get used as any of the remotely fun ones would be wildly unpredictable, regardless of their potential uses within our society *cough* weed has many medical uses *cough* MDMA can help treat PTSD *cough* studies suggest that LSD can treat other addictions while not poisoning the body whatsoever *cough*. You’re right, how dare I imply that illegal drugs can actually be beneficial in some way and actually cause more positive outcomes than being homeless on a corner somewhere with 12 aids-ridden needles sticking out of various veins while you suck cock for drugs.

Of course how could I even mention government conspiracies without bringing up the NSA and other forms of spying that the US and UK governments have been responsible for over the last few years; not just on enemies or even other countries, but actually on its own citizens. Of course many rationalise this criminal act as being “for our safety” or the famous “I have nothing to hide so I don’t mind”. Well people of the US, let me quote one of your own “They that give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety”. The whole “nothing to hide” comment is a different matter entirely A) Everyone has something to hide. You might not be selling drugs or searching for bomb schematics but there will be things on your phone, laptop, camera that you do not want the world to see and B) Saying such a moronic thing in response to being spied on, is like saying you don’t need the right to free speech because you have nothing to say (I read that comparison somewhere and take no responsibility for it). It’s even more irritating when you find the US acting all hurt and betrayed when it comes to light that the Chinese were doing the same thing to them but just at a lesser extent. Keep in mind that while this is all sold as being “for your own protection” the collecting of data hasn’t prevented any terrorist attacks or anything similar. I mean the NSA has been operating since before 9/11; it’s just that they became a lot more popular after such a massive attack due to the shift in public opinion. It seems much more likely that this data is being used to profile and study citizens. I mean the government’s reaction to the Snowden leaks was like a man catching his wife cheating by walking in during the post-sex cigarette. I mean talk about getting caught with your pants round your ankles. Yet this revelation caused very little response. Nobody is going to voice outrage against the US, it just won’t happen, especially when countries such as the UK are run by pig-molesting ass-kissers such as Cameron.

One thing to remember is that just because something is a conspiracy, doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Are there elites planning on taking over the world with alien technology? I won’t hold my breath. If you want to see the real slimy, inhuman monsters that are taking over the world, you need only follow the money to the richest families in the world. Power is their goal but money is their weapon of choice. Does that make me a paranoid conspiracy theorist? Perhaps…but I’d argue that I’m still a whole level below creationists or people who believe politicians are actually interested in the opinions of their country’s people.


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