Blog Changes: Say Goodbye to Travel and Mental Health Talk

Hello all,

This is just a quick post to update you all on the topics of my blog. As you’ve probably realised, my blog posts are a bit all over the place. Sometimes I talk about travel, sometimes I talk about mental health, sometimes I talk about Star Wars or Assassin’s Creed…it’s a bit of a mess. While this blog is mostly for fun and up until recently I didn’t really care about generating a following, I’ve decided that in order to further develop my career as a writer, I unfortunately need to give in to the machine, to the rat race and to creating a more central blog for each of my major topics.

As such, this blog here (Ranting & Raving) will remain mostly the same. If you’re interesting in my weird theories, random lists, discussions about games and films, ETC then you’ll still find all of that here. It will essentially remain a blog that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

However, if you want more insight into mental health issues and travel then those posts will now be published on my other blog: Travels, Tribulations & Ambitions. My aim for this blog is to go beyond it simply being my own ravings and instead make it a focus of mental health and travel: essentially a space where people can read about my experiences, my plans for the future or my coping strategies for my anxiety but share their own stories. My experience is limited but I want anyone and everyone who has suffered or is suffering due to mental health issues to have a place they can go for comfort or assistance. As well as being able to share travel suggestions. D

So if you have any stories you wish to share or any advice you think people should know, then head over to my new blog. I appreciate anyone who follows that blog as well as this one, especially in these early stages of trying to develop it.

As always, don’t hesitate to comment here or follow me on Twitter!



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