Infinity War: The Perfect Intro to the X-Men (Fox & MCU Separate Universe Problem Solved)

With the recent news that Disney have bought over Fox, many movie fans are wondering what this means for the future of these individual franchises. Deadpool fans are worried that Disney will soften up the superhero to fit a more generic audience. X-Men fans are worried about how Disney will alter upcoming releases such as Dark Phoenix. One thing that most fans are without a doubt wondering is whether some of these much-loved characters will be entering into the MCU…and perhaps equally as important: how?


A Divided Universe

For those of you perhaps less comic-book oriented, you may be unaware that X-Men, Spiderman, Deadpool, The Fantastic 4 and The Avengers actually all belong within the same Marvel universe. The only reason we haven’t seen any of this happening within the cinematic universes is due to rights. I’ll take a moment just to break it down as simply as possible for you:

In one universe we have X-Men and Deadpool.

In another we have the Fantastic 4.

Thirdly, we have the MCU which Spiderman was not a part of until recently (although Spiderman still belongs to Sony and is sort of being shared as far as rights go for the movie character).


What WON’T Be Happening

Before you get excited at the possibility of all these characters uniting, don’t. Certain characters will be remaining ENTIRELY separate. The Fantastic 4 is a prime example of this. Regardless of rights, these characters will almost definitely NOT be entering into the MCU. With the 2005 cast, it perhaps would have made a little more sense as the films were more successful, the characters were better developed and ultimately, it could have worked . Perhaps not well as Chris Evans would have to have played both Cap and The Human Torch. But still…it could have been possible.

The issue we have with the reboot is that the exact opposite is true: the film was not successful, no matter how you look at it. The character development was beyond poor and ultimately, trying to fit them into the MCU without a complete recast would be disastrous. Sure, they could do a similar move as they did with Spiderman: Do a recast but skip the origin story. The problem is that while Spiderman is a loveable character and fits in perfectly well in the MCU, adding the Fantastic 4 would just be problematic. We don’t really need The Thing while we have the Hulk. Scarlet Witch has similar powers to Sue Storm and adding in a guy that can stretch and a guy on fire would just mess with what the Avengers are these days.



I’m sure all of us would love to see Deadpool appear against Thanos, even just for a moment. Just a punch or two in a very short-lived fight…or dare I say it: a few moments where Deadpool somehow ends up with the Infinity Gauntlet. The unfortunate truth is there is no way that Disney will allow Deadpool to set foot into the MCU. At least not in any significant way. He could very well exist within the universe and that could be acknowledged but I can’t see them going beyond that. Much in the same way that he won’t be having any major appearances in any X-Men films (X-Force being the exception).

The reasoning for this is rather simple: While the X-Men films can be quite graphic and intense (as far as comic book films go), they are ultimately family films much in the same way as the MCU. How do you fit an overly-sexual, foul-mouthed mercenary into all of that while keeping it kid-friendly? The simple answer: you don’t. Either the character would be compromised or the film’s rating would. Neither of which are likely to happen.

So I can see Deadpool making an appearance in the MCU but he won’t be a main character in any way. So what about the X-Men?


X-Men in the MCU

The X-Men are without a doubt going to be introduced into the MCU at some stage. They won’t be pitching up to fight Thanos (mainly because we have no real idea where the timeline is at these days and chances are they would want to recast some of the characters). The real question is if they would add them X-Men in (that’s almost  guaranteed) but rather how they would?

The answer is surprisingly simple really. We know that the X-Men won’t be appearing to fight Thanos BUT things are going to be seriously fucked up in the MCU by the time the 2nd Infinity War film ends. When you take all the infinity gems into consideration and all that they can do, the problem in the MCU is actually the solution to the MCU/Fox shared universe problem.

When Thanos destroys the universe and the Avengers put it back together, the universes could be crossed. There doesn’t need to be some hugely in-depth exploration as to how to why. We already know from films like Doctor Strange that varying dimensions exist. We also know from that and Days of Future Past that time travel is a reality within both these universes.


What Does this Mean?

Well, it means that rather than simply throwing the worlds together with no real explanation as to why mutants (and in fact the word itself) have never been mentioned in the MCU, we can piece together a storyline that not only makes sense but is actually interesting.

Just imagine it as a post-credits scene for Infinity War Part 2 (or whatever name they go for). The credits finish rolling and one of the avengers (probably not Cap or Tony as I’d imagine they’ll both be dead) is doing some arbitrary activity. In rolls Charles or some other iconic character (Deadpool or Wolverine would also be acceptable (although we won’t get Wolverine because of Hugh Jackman having ended the role)). You wouldn’t even have to explore what happened as such, you’d simply have to acknowledge that it DID happen.


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